Izabela used to be a colleage of mine when working in Spain. Today I am excited to interview her on being a kids entertainer abroad!

Why did you decide to be a kids entertainer abroad?

I was living in Germany 3 years and didn’t know what to do with myself. It was hard time for me because I didn’t have friends and no work. So one day I decided to change it. I wrote a list of all the things I wanted and it was:

  • find work where I can do fitness
  • find a place to live but not in Poland and not in Germany
  • learn Spanish
  • leave my comfort zone and start to meet different people
  • travel

I spoke to a career councellor and she suggested this job to me.

How did you choose the company you worked for?

I knew what I wanted and started looking online. I found around 7 companies and sent out my CV. Only one answered and asked me to come in for an interview. They gave me the job.

What do you like about the job?

Every year I´m learning something new. And I´m not only talking about the job. I also learn a lot about myself, what kind of person I am, about my good and bad sides and how to understand other people.

We always went to the beach on our days off.

Which characteristics should you have to do this job?

It’s good to speak different languages, stay positive, be open to learn from other people and be helpful. Everyone will admire it. And if you bring a good energy, everyone will feel it and give it to you in return.

What was your best experience on the job?

Singing and dancing on the stage. It had always been my dream and now I was able to fulfil it!

North of Mallorca

What have you learned so far?

I learned how to do: face painting, ballooning, how to dance mini disco. Also how to talk to and understand kids and adults from different ages from 6 months to 99 years old.
But I learned a lot about myself and this is the most important part for me: not to take every problem personally. If there is a problem – try to solve it and then let it go. I also learned, that for me it is best to work independently. Every winter when I came back home, I was reading books to understand different situations. It has helped me to understand things better.

Can you have a relationship and do this job?

I had a boyfriend when I started this job but we split because of the distance and many other things. Then I met someone when I was working in Mallorca, but I had so much work that i didn’t have enough time for him and after work i was always tired. It’s not a good place to built a relationship.

Are there difficult situations with this job?

Tourists sometimes complain, we work in very high temperatures, we work long hours, sometimes there are members of my team that I don’t get along with and there can be upsetting situations.

Would you recommend it?

I think it’s a good experience for everyone who want to learn more about themselves. It´s also a good possibility to get to know a different country and understand other cultures. I’ll definitely recommend it!

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