This is a very good question. The topic dating and relationships is very overflowing and there are so many books on the topic. So why would you read mine?

My book sets itself apart from the other books because…

…it´s very authentic and raw. I don’t claim to know it all. In fact I don’t. To the contrary I write about my honest experiences, how I felt and how I dealt with situations. On top of that I did a ton of research on the topic and I interviewed others. This combination makes my book stand out from others.

There is no one formula.

I don´t like it at all when “dating experts” claim that you need to do certain things to find the one or to get “better” at dating. What makes them an expert? Dating lots of people? Dating is one topic you can hardly generalise. Every person and every relationship is different. There is no one solution, no one formula.

I share my personal experiences.

In my book I choose to focus on sharing my learnings and sharing tips that help you find out what works for you. But I would never say: Here´s the one thing you have to do, because I am not you and I can’t know what works for you.

In my book I touch on…

  • Complicated relationships.
  • What to do when a guy doesn´t commit.
  • How to have confidence when dating.
  • What advice to listen to and who not to care about.
  • How to get over a break up.
  • How to improve an existing relationship.


If you like what you just read, you will enjoy “Love Life Simplified“.



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