St. Patricks Day

I interviewed Ellen from AuPairWorld last year when she was an au pair in Ireland. You can read that interview here. Today I have an Update on how she is doing since she left her host-family.

A while has passed since you left your host family last summer, how was saying goodbye and were you sad to leave?

Of course! But as we say in German, I left half laughing, half crying. I had a great time in Ireland with my host family and I knew that I will miss them. But I was also very happy to fly back home to my family and my boyfriend.

Are you still in touch with the family and do you think you will visit them at some point?

Yes we’re still in touch via whatsapp and facebook. Maybe I will travel to Ireland this year.

After all do you think 6 months was the right amount of time or would you say being an au pair for one year is a better time frame?

For me it was the right amount of time. But for me it was also a different situation than for the most other au pairs. I already have had a job in Germany at AuPairWorld. So I wasn’t at the point that I didn’t know what to do after my au pair stay. But I think if you really want to practise your language skills or you don’t know what to do in future it’s better to stay for one year.

Cliffs of Moher

What advice would you give girls who haven´t started the journey yet?

Don’t be afraid. It’s a great adventure and the experience will help you to grow.

How did you change personally through this time? Have you noticed a difference in yourself after your return?

Yes, even though I had both feet on the ground, it was a completely new situation for me anyway. I learned a lot about myself. And there a lot things, which had been important for me before, but they aren’t anymore. For example to plan everything. Sometimes you can’t plan everything, especially when you’re living with kids :-D.

Would you have done anything different in hindsight?

No 🙂


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