Have you ever thought of rematch? Are you in your home country considering being an Au Pair, but then had this dark thought: “What if I need to go into rematch one day?” Pretty scary..or not. Rematch doesnt have to be scary.

So what´s the truth?

The truth is that avoiding isn’t living life. Have you noticed that if you avoid things, things you need to do or questions you need to ask it never really gets you to a better place does it? It´s because you are hiding. And as long as you are hiding you can´t live your dreams and you can´t be happy. It is very simple.

If you want to be an Au Pair, be an Au Pair. Do not let your fear stop you. There is a fantastic video by Marie Forleo where she talks about this topic, you can watch it here.

But I get you, you would rather avoid it and there are ways to minimise the chance of it:

  1. Talk with the family so often until you don’t have any questions left. Zero Questionmarks in your head.
  2. Speak with all members of the family. If Grandma lives in the house you speak to her too.
  3. Speak to the Au Pair if they have one.
  4. Visit them if it´s not too far.
  5. Listen to your inner voice and your feeling.

If all falls short- it is not the end of the world. Many Au Pairs have been through rematch, including me and we are still alive. If anything, you grow and it makes you stronger.

The last thing I´d like to send your way is the fact that even the girls who have been through rematch did not regret their decision of being an Au Pair. This year or this time will be so life changing for you, you do not want to miss it.

I´m sending lots of love your way- do what you´re meant to do!


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