Have you ever thought about how to make your Au Pair year successful? What does that actually mean?

Doesn´t success only apply in a career context or related to money?

These are all very good questions. In fact as far as I can tell, most people do relate success to their career. Not as many of us are thinking of success in terms of “every area of our lives”.

But let´s get back to the topic. You may have clicked this article because you are interested in being an Au Pair or because you are one or because you are just curious. Either way, I´m happy you are here.

So, in this article I will explain to you how I relate to the term “successful Au Pair” and how you can apply this to your situation.

Live your dream.

Live your dream.

Obviously it is not related to money, because in this occupation you are not earning a whole lot.

However, there are various other ways to benefit from the position. When you dive all in and make the most of it, you may have one of the biggest growing experiences of your life. You can expand emotionally, physically, intellectually and on top of it- finish your year and have a second family in another country for the rest of your life. A family that always has your back and that you can go and visit anytime.

You may say: this all sounds too good to be true. How do I find this perfect family and what if I end up with one that treats me bad?

Here it is and you may not like what I say, but it´s all on you.

It´s on you to find this family that is your perfect match and it´s on you to make it work.

For the Au Pair that prepares for her/his year that means:

  • Do not go for the first option unless you are confident it´s right.
  • Ask many, many questions. Don´t say “yes” after the first Skype call.
  • Speak to the previous Au Pair if you can.
  • Visit the family if that is possible.
  • Be clear on what you are looking for.

If you do all this, you run a way lower risk of having a bad experience as if you go into the situation unprepared.

So, you may say, “Ok, but even if I do all this, don´t I still have a risk things may not work out?”

Yes, I totally agree with you, especially if you did´t get a chance to see this family personally. However, if you do feel that the situation doesn´t work out for you, you can leave and find another family.

If you really have tried to work it out and you are miserable, you don´t think there is a chance to be happy in the family, you should decide within the first 1-3 month to make a change. Don´t decide it in the first week, because that means you didn´t give the family a chance, but don´t wait too long either, because if you have been there for 3 month and things are continuously not working out, it´s time to move on.

“Isn´t it a victory if I am able to stick it out?”, you may ask. Yes, if you make it work and are happy, but if you stick it out by being frustrated and sad everyday, no, that is not what I call successful.

Here´s the thing, and this is where we come to my definition of the successful Au Pair year:

“An Au Pair year is successful if you have created a deep bond to the family that will last a lifetime.”


“It is successful if you have used every opportunity to grow and expand as a person.”

This is my definition and I am happy to hear your ideas in the comments whether you agree or disagree.

Now, I would like to approach the Au Pair that has already started her year. How can you make your year successful?

  • Create a bond to the family.
  • Be loving, be kind and be creative when it comes to your work.
  • Use your spare time wisely: meet people; look what´s around you- as in: is there something you have always wanted to do like fx acting, playing football/basketball/swimming; continue a sport you have been doing at home, read books, sign up for a course.
  • Travel.
Be there with all of your heart.

Be there with all of your heart.

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Have a fantastic day and if you have any questions or remarks feel free to contact me.

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