You all know I am pro Au Pair, I´ve had such amazing experiences with families around the world and am so grateful to have them in my life. However being an Au Pair is not for everyone. So this time I write about 5 reasons why you should not be an au pair.

What could be your reasons for NOT being an Au Pair?

  1. You can´t stand children. If you don’t like children at all, then this is probably not the right job for you. However, I can’t really believe there is someone who doesnt like children at all?! To be an Au Pair you don’t have to like ALL children in this world. You just have to find the right family for you and like the children you look after.
  2. You can’t imagine living in someone elses house. Living in the families house has its ups and downs. Yes you are part of the family, but that could mean you hear the kids cry on the weekends too. It´s normal. But if you think you can’t make peace with it, maybe being an Au Pair is not for you.
  3. Adjusting to a new culture. Living in a country away from home requires you to have a certain amount of flexibility. To understand that things will not work the same way as home and that possibly children are raised differently. That doesnt mean either way is wrong, but you have to have a certain amount of openness to the new culture, otherwise you may find yourself upset over things you don’t really have to be upset about.
  4. You don’t like changes. When you are an Au Pair you will have to deal with lots of changes. And due to that you will most likely change yourself as well.
  5. You don’t like to be away from home. Everyone deals with homesickness a little, but the rewards of being away usually outweigh when it comes to homesickness. However if you can’t see yourself away from home at all, you should probably not be an Au Pair.

I hope you liked my 5 reasons for not being an au pair, if you can think of more reasons, please comment below. And if you want to know more about being an au pair- check out my  book “Rock Your Au Pair Year” available on all Amazon platforms!

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