Hey guys!

I have a really cool activity for you in the new year. The READING CHALLENGE is coming up REALLY SOON!

Early January:

This will be the beginning of my raffle on lovelybooks.de. You will have the chance to win an e-book of “Rock Your Au Pair Year” and participate in the reading challenge, but you don’t have to win to participate, all you need is a copy of the book.

How does it work:

  1. To participate in the reading challenge you need a copy of my book, THE CHALLENGE ITSELF IS FREE.
  2. Every week we read 2 Chapters of the book. Then we discuss these Chapters.
  3. I will be online AT LEAST 2 TIMES PER WEEK to answer ALL YOUR QUESTIONS.
  4. You can ask me any questions about the Chapters and also any questions you have about your upcoming Au Pair journey, or if you are a current Au Pair -of course- you can ask me questions that relate to your situation.

Raffle conditions:

If you win an e-book you oblige to:

  1. participate in the challenge.
  2. write a review on lovelybooks.de
  3. write a review on Amazon


03rd of January: Beginning of the Raffle.

12th of January: End of Raffle and Winners Announcement.

15th of January: Week 1 of Reading Challenge. We read Chapter 1 and 2.

22nd of January: Week 2: We read Chapter 3 and 4.

29th of January: Week 3: We read Chapter 5 and 6.

05th of February: Week 4: We read Chapter 7 and 8.

End of the Challenge.

I am soon looking forward to 2018 and the Challenge. Get your book now, to participate in 2018!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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