Dear future Au Pair,

here comes my packlist! This is for you to have an idea of what to pack. Of course you do not have to buy or pack all of these things if they are not relevant to you. Also it depends if you are going to be in a hot or cold country. You know what I mean 😉

HERE is my pack-list in German- auf Deutsch!


To be honest with you, right now I scaled down to just 1 piece of hand luggage and 1 backpack, but that´s only because after many years of travelling I am tired of dragging around my stuff.

When I first went abroad I got myself a set of suitcases and the brand that I got and that I recommend is: Stratic! The reason I recommend them is because my set of suitcases lasted me for 10 years! I am not kidding! I recommend 2 wheels, because 4 wheels always move around but it´s really your personal preference. And I prefer soft instead of hard shell. Just because I think hard shell breaks easier. So first thing on the list is:

  • For BOTH CHECKIN AND CARRY ON I RECOMMEND ONLY ONE BRAND: IT! They are amazing! They are light, smooth, high quality. Best suitcase I found so far in my travel journey. Click here to find the suitcase.

Very often, believe it or not, you can actually fit as much into a backpack as you can into a carry on suitcase. It really depends on your needs. Sometimes I only travel with my backpack and a small purse, because it´s easier to get around than with a suitcase. The backpack I use is:

  • JanSport Backpack and I love it! I´ve had it for a few years now and even though I´ve bought others in between, I must tell you- this is the one I´m using the most, because it´s the best! Why? Because it fits all I need for a weekend trip or else and it feels very comfortable when carrying. I can definitely recommend this!
  • Cabin Max Backpack. I personally haven’t used this one before, but I want to mention it here, because as far as I know, it does comply with all airlines and I´ve seen quite a few people with it. So I think its a good alternative to other backpacks. And on top of it, it is quite good value for your money.
  • When it comes to handbags I usually shop at “Deichmann” (the shoeshop) they have very nice bags in my opinion and they last long if you treat them well.
  • Neck pouch. This is definitely a travellers must have! I keep rebuying these since 2004 and it´s worth it! Choose any neck pouch that you like, it doesnt have to be the one the I have linked here.
  • BELT BAG – so handy on so many occasions! When you got no hands free when you are with the kids or when you go to an event with a lot of´s just so handy!

Things you may need:

  • A travel towel. These are very handy because they are small and they dry fast, however I must admit I rarely ever used mine, so it´s up to you, but you may be able to live without it.
  • Sunglasses! Well, I could not live without mine. And I usually pack 3 cheap ones, because for some reason I keep loosing sunglasses.
  • Ohropax. Total must have as an Au Pair! You´ll know why.
  • Padlock. When you travel many hostels will have lockers, but you need your own lock, so therefore this will come in very handy.
  • Sun Protection. Sun protection might be more expensive where you are going, however that depends.
  • Umbrella. Always good to bring one of those!
  • Planner/ Organiser. I´m saying this, because I am getting the same planner every year and I love it. I wouldn’t want to change, so if there is one calendar that you love take it with you, otherwise I´m sure you can get one wherever you are going.
  • If you go on a long flight, you may want to consider “Compression Socks“. I know you are young, but you could get thrombosis at any age.


  • Adapter. To be honest the one that I bought that was meant to work for many different countries, it never worked. But the ones I bought in the country always did, therefore my advice is: buy it when you get to your destination.
  • USB or external hard drive. To be honest I would take both, because the USB is very handy since its small, but the hard drive obviously has more storage. Make sure the hard drive is the right one for your lap top.
  • Your lap top and phone. Of course. I have got a mac book air, but you don’t have to have a mac book.
  • Hair straightener. This is the one I use.
  • Power bank. This is a total must have! I recommend the small one here, it´s only one charge but I prefer it, because the other power banks are heavier. It´s completely up to you. But Easyacc is a very good brand when it comes to power banks!

First Aid Kit:

  • Any medicine you may need from your doctor. PLUS a letter by the doctor why you need this.
  • Iboprofen/ Aspirin
  • Bepanthen (for cuts)
  • Voltaren (for muscle pain)
  • Disinfective spray

Documents/ Other:

  • Passport
  • Drivers Licence/ International Drivers Licence
  • Vaccination Record. Do any vaccinations need to be updated before you go? Check with your doctor.
  • Print off your confirmation for health insurance abroad
  • Print off a bank statement that shows how much money you have in your account (sometimes needed)
  • Print off visa (if needed)
  • Credit/ debit cards
  • Cash (not too much, but some)
  • Giffgaff sim for UK
  • Have an Airbnb account set up for future travels


That was my list of things to get/ pack. I didn’t mention clothes or shoes. You definitely need those, but only you know what are the one you love. The only tip I can give you here is NOT TOO PACK TOO MUCH CLOTHES! You will also buy clothes in your new destination, so just keep it down 😉