Today I want to tell you about my secret diary. Do you remember the days when people wrote on blank pages?! Sorry…but sooo boring! I used to do the same thing though. And these diaries of mine…I don’t want to read them again. That´s why I am so excited to tell you about this diary!

So what is so cool about my new secret diary?

  1. It´s called Q & A a Day
  2. 365 days a year you get a new question
  3. The questions are all very original and completely different, which excites me everyday :).
  4. The diary lasts for 5 YEARS!
  5. So yes after the first year the questions repeat, but who can remember 365 questions?! The cool thing is, that you get to see your own journey over 5 years, because I´m sure your answers will vary.

This book is also available for kids, I gave my host kid this book for her birthday and she really likes it. The questions for children are super cute and if they fill in this diary they have an amazing memory in the future!

Here are all your options:

  1. Q & A a Day (normal and awesome!)
  2. Q & A a Day for kids
  3. Q & A a Day for teens
  4. Q & A a Day for mothers
  5. Q & A a Day for couples or best friends

As you can see there is a version for everyone, but me personally, I love the original. This is also a very personal holiday or birthday gift. People usually don’t know about this and am very impressed about this.

Also don’t forget to check out my book, if you know someone who wants to be an au pair, then this is the perfect gift for them 😉

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