LOVE LIFE SIMPLIFIED” went live on Sunday 2nd of September- only a few days ago. This book has been in the making since the Summer of 2016, so about 2 years. But what is it actually about?


In the summer of 2016 I was right in the middle of a relationship that was, let´s say complicated. Overall I felt that love and love life had always seemed to be somewhat complicated and now even more with all those dating apps around. I didn’t feel it was getting any easier, I just felt it was getting more confusing.


This is the reason I began my research. I practically read EVERY RELATIONSHIP BOOK OUT THERE! I am not kidding! Day in day out, I just kept ordering more and more books; I took part in workshops; events; conferences. I spoke to other people about their relationships- I WANTED TO FIND OUT HOW TO FIND AND KEEP A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP. And I wasn´t willing to give up until I did. As I was soaking up all the knowledge, I slowly began to integrate the advice into my life. I practiced what I learned even though this might sound weird since we are talking about relationships and not a cake recipe. But in the end of the day, it´s what you need to do- you need to go out, practice, and find out what works for you. And so I did, I changed my behaviour towards my boyfriend and I watched whether it was working.


Over time I came to realise what I think was true and what wasn´t in the world of dating advice. Not everything you hear or read is right or works for you. You can already guess- that is why the subtitle of my book is: “Free Yourself From Rules And Find Out What Works For You”. I wanted to move away from: “I tell you what you need to do to have a successful relationship” to “Let me give you some tools so that you can find out what works for you!” When it comes to love and relationships- there is no one guide that gives you exactly what you need to do or say- only you can know what works for you. Over time most of us have lost touch with our inner voice and that is why it is so hard to hear it. In the book I explain how you get back in touch with it. I talk about how you can enjoy dating again; how you deal with a breakup; how to let someone down kindly if you need to and a lot more.


I feel that these are topics that are not talked about enough. In the book I touch on some very sensitive themes and I share my own experiences for you to see, you are not alone. But also for you to see- you can do this. You can date with confidence and you can find true love.


Please let me know how you like the book once you´ve read it!

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