KiwiOzNannies is a London based Agency who place live-in and live-out nannies, in temporary, permanent, full- and part time positions all year around. They are a very friendly and open minded team that offers placements in London and the UK/ International as well as support.


How did KiwiOzNannies come about?

In 2002 the owners of KiwiOz came to the UK on a Work and Holiday Visa themselves and started the agency. At first it was very small but it grew overtime.

What is the difference between you and other agencies?

The most obvious difference is that, just like our name says, most of our candidates are from Australia and New Zealand. However that doesn´t mean that you would have to be. We register nannies from other countries as well.

We are an agency that is very involved with the nannies and the families. We do not just place them and that´s it. We follow up, we ask how things are going and we run nanny events twice a month.

How many nannies do you place monthly?

I would say, roughly 10 live-in and 10 live-out roles. So that makes 20 placements a month.

Are there more live-in or more live-out roles?

I´d say it´s a about 50/ 50.

As most of your nannies come from abroad, is it possible for them to register beforehand?

Yes, we register nannies before their arrival. It gives them security and they can begin the job search before their departure.

Mostly the nannies that come to the UK for the first time choose a live-in role. That way they don’t have to worry about housing when they arrive. Most of the daily/ live-out nannies that we register are already here, they found a flat and then came to register with us.

Do families mind that the girls are on a “Work and Holiday” and cannot stay longer than 2 years?

No, they don’t mind. All we require is a 12 months commitment. If you don’t want to commit to 12 months, we can still register you, but you will only be able to apply for temporary roles. Sometimes families do require someone longer than 12 months, in that case we send them candidates that are able to do so.

What would you say is the busiest time of the year for you when it comes to placements?

I´d say it´s now, before christmas, because a lot of families are looking to find a nanny to start in the new year. The summer is even busier, but generally speaking, families are looking all year around. Circumstances can easily change or they need someone quicker than expected. There are definitely roles to fill all year around.

What kind of support do you offer?

We are currently working on an information pack that will be finished soon.

Other offers of support that are already in place:

  • A guide for the Interview with questions you may want/ need to ask, dress code and more.
  • Free workshop to prepare nannies for upcoming Interviews.
  • Every first Friday of the month we do a meet up. The event is in a different part of London each time.
  • When the nannies begin a new role they get an “Induction Guide” to get everything started on a good note!
  • We recommend a weekly “meeting” or dinner with the parents once a week to keep in good contact about the current situation.

How much experience does one need to have to register with you?

For the higher paid nanny roles, we do require a certain amount of childcare experience, however for the junior roles and mothers help it is less. We encourage girls to apply. All you need is a bit of experience with children and a genuine caring nature.

What is the most important trait a nanny needs to have?

Love for children and passion for the job. To get up everyday and look forward to spend the day with the kids. We get amazing feedback from parents who are so happy to leave their little ones with our nannies because they know they can trust her and the children are looking forward to seeing her everyday.

What is the key to matching families and nannies?

First of all there are the functional requirements, for example: Do they need a driver? What are the working hours and the ages of the children and on the other hand what is the nanny looking for?

And then when it comes to the Interview, it is about asking a lot of questions and just getting “the feel” whether it is the right match. Usually there is more than just one Interview to find out if it´s a good match. Many families suggest a trial day or a trial week to see how the children get on with the candidate. This is usually a great way to find out if things are right before signing a contract.


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