Don´t you sometimes ask yourself: Do I really need a degree to be successful? Every now and then you hear about these people who are successful even though they never went to or dropped out of University. Who are these people and how did they do it?

Uni is mainly about theory

Here´s the thing: University for the most part is a very theoretic place. I´m not saying its a good or a bad place, but its mainly about theory and the real world is mainly about action and change. That is the reason you totally can be successful without a degree.

With this article I don’t want to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t go to University. We are all different and therefore I cant tell you whats right for you. I myself did graduate from University with a Bachelor of Science.

Do I need to follow the crowd?

So what is this whole article about then? It is about raising awareness. Most people still think they need to follow the crowd. They need to graduate school with a great result, so that they can then be accepted to a University with a fantastic reputation which will get them a well paid 9 to 5 job. But not everyone wants to do that. We are told that this is the way and that this will make us happy, but why are so many people so incredibly unhappy in their 9 to 5 job? The reason is: just because we are told thats the way to go, doesnt mean it´s the way for you. Only you can find out if it is.

You don’t have to follow the crowd.

We are trained to be passive

The problem of our own indecisiveness and confusion is created from an early age when we are trimmed to sit still in school and concentrate on what the teacher tells us. It´s a very passive system that doesnt allow much space for creativity, ideas and critical thinking. So when we graduate from school its hard to SUDDENLY think outside the box. Thats why most of us continue to “another box” the University. Another place where we listen to  someone elses theory.

Now here is the first reason why so many people who don’t have a degree are successful: instead of listening to someones theories, they stayed home to come up with their own theories.

An example from someone I actually know is: Bastian Barami. He dropped out of Uni and is now asked to come back and teach there! He specialised in Amazon FBA. More info on his Blog (in German).

Here´s a small collection of people we all know who are successful and do not have a degree:

Mark Zuckerberg: who built Facebook, dropped out of Harvard in 2004.

Charles Culpeper who is the CEO of Coca Cola, dropped out of high school.

Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft, dropped out of Harvard.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, dropped out of college after 6 months.

Now you might say: well these people are all from the same sector: IT. Does that mean I can just drop out of IT and be successful? Can I be successful if I´m in another field?

I do not encourage you to drop out

First of all I need to get back to saying: I´m not encouraging anyone to drop out of University, I´m simply saying if its not your place there are other ways. But for example for someone who does enjoy Uni i do suggest to broaden your horizon with an internship in your semester break or with your own blog/ youtube channel etc. Because while you are studying you can be creating your brand on the side, so that when you graduate you have opportunities.

Create a project

The reason I am mentioning this is: many people who graduate still don’t know where the journey takes them. There are courses like business that give you lots of opportunities to choose from, but you simply don’t know what it is you want to do. Therefore having a little project on the side while you study is a fantastic idea.

The other reason to get a degree or an education in a specific field is that there are some jobs you can only apply for if you have this degree. And lets not forget there are some jobs we wouldn’t want to see anyone without a degree like Doctors.

There are professions you DO need a degree for

So, like with everything in life I cannot generalise in this article, there are pros and cons when it comes to Uni and there are professions you simply need a degree or a certificate to work in that field. So when it comes to you, you need to think what it is you want, where you see yourself and how you can get there. Maybe you don’t need 3 years of Uni for what it is you want to do, maybe a one year certified course will be fine? Maybe you can work in the field and climb up the ladder?

Just stay open and be creative that is the key.

At Last watch this awesome video by CaseyNeistat who also never went to Uni:

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