Yesterday was the first time that I heard of the going-away or goodbye book via this video (German).  I really didn’t know it was “a thing” and maybe you don’t know either. But I quickly thought to myself that this is a super cool thing to do when you are planning to be an au pair. I obviously did not do this, but I would have if I had know about it.

What am I talking about?

The going away book is a book that you create BEFORE you go abroad. It´s a book that gives family and friends the opportunity to connect with you during the journey. Depending on which country you go to and your personal taste, what you do is:

  1. Buy a plain note-book.
  2. Decorate the outside/ cover the way you like. A lot of girls glue the shape or the flag of the country they are going to. Or they write “Au Pair Year 2017/ 2018”.
  3. Then you begin with the book.

Inside the book:

  1. Describe your host country and your host family.
  2. Write why you have decided to be an au pair.
  3. Write a letter to yourself and read it in the end of your au pair year.
  4. Write down the rules of this book: fx please feel free to write, draw, be creative, don’t take too long, glue a picture of yourself in here (its up to you).
  5. At the end you can give family and friends the opportunity to write down all their contacts and if you like you can give them the chance to write you a private letter. You can attach something like a “private postbox” to the book, which I think is a really cute idea.
  6. Then you can send the book out to the people who are meant to write in it, hence family and friends.
  7. Make sure you start this project with plenty of time ahead, because depending on how many people are going to write in it, it could take a while.

Most girls keep this book and don’t look at it until the departure date. They read it on the airplane which I think is a cool idea!

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