Today I have a guest article for you all. Most of you probably have heard about “AuPairWorld”. But maybe you would like to know a little more about them. In my book they are mentioned on several occasions and there is a bonus interview with the managing chief in there. Here is a little introduction for you:

Finding your host family with AuPairWorld Safe and easy and completely free for au pairs

One of the basic questions for young people planning an au pair stay is whether to use an agency or not. How you answer this question is of course entirely up to you and depends on many aspects. However, it always pays off to know all the facts, so we would like to tell you a few things about AuPairWorld that maybe will surprise you:

  • Did you know, that AuPairWorld is the largest online platform for au pairs and host families? At any given moment, approximately 11,000 host families are actively searching for an au pair – so your chances of finding your perfect host family in your favourite host country are pretty good.
  • Creating a profile on AuPairWorld is super easy and our EasyFind will immediately display profiles of active families who correspond to your search criteria. By adding a video to your profile you can present yourself even better to host families (as a picture says more than a 1000 words).
  • We also offer you comprehensive information about 21 host countries, including everything you need to know about visa, working hours, pocket money, etc. And we have contract templates for you to download as well as information on insurance and whether or not your driving license is valid in your favourite host country.
  • If you have any question before, during or after your time as an au pair, our support team is available via telephone or email. They all come from different countries so they know a lot about cultural differences and they are able to help you in five languages. They will support you if you need assistance with your profile, if you have questions regarding any regulations and will also mediate if there is a difficult situation with your host family.
  • To support you and help you prepare for your au pair adventure, we also offer webinars and livestreams where we answer all your questions live and directly.
  • And au pairs get to use all of these services for free!

So if you think that searching and finding your host family on your own sounds like a good idea (because you know better than anyone else who fits you best), visit and find out more. We‘ll be looking forward to welcoming you!

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