Hannah was an au pair in Seattle and looked after 3 children. Today she shares with us what she learned on her exciting au pair journey!

She looked after three children of the age 4, 8 and 14. Her family is half American/half German.

Why did you decide to be an Au Pair?

In 9th grade I wanted to be an exchange student in the US, but somehow that didn’t work out, so I made up my mind and decided to be an Au Pair when I graduate.

I´ve always been around children, I have younger siblings and I really enjoyed looking after them.

How did you find your host-family?

I registered with AIFS and when my profile went live, I received 4 host family suggestions. That was a very exciting time!

Very quickly I realised which one out of the four was a great match for me. It was important to me that we had similar values and interests. This family loved music as much as me!

Skyline Seattle

When you arrived, was it hard for you to find friends?

No, in fact it was very easy. The girl who was an Au Pair before me in this family, introduced me to lots of other girls around. But I know there are plenty of Facebook and Whatsapp groups you can use to meet people.

What was your best memory so far?

With my host family it was our holiday together on San Juan Island. Two weeks after my arrival we went on that holiday and it was just so beautiful.

Another fantastic memory is my vacation in Florida. I went to Miami and Orlando/Disney World. It was amazing!

Sunset in San Juan

What have you learned from your Au Pair time?

  • to be independant
  • to be spontanious
  • to be open minded
  • to know how I want to raise my own children later in life

Have you been homesick?

No, I haven’t. Of course sometimes I miss friends or a certain food, but I haven’t really been homesick.

Are you planning to extend?

No, I don’t. I enjoyed my time here, but I think one year is enough. Maybe I will be an Au Pair again in the future, I´m thinking about Australia, but I haven’t made up my mind.

Snoqualmie Falls

Would you recommend being an Au Pair?

Yes, definitely. You learn a lot about yourself; you learn a new language and it´s a fantastic opportunity to be part of a family for a whole year and see all their traditions.

I think its the perfect program for someone who wants to go abroad and enjoys looking after children. However I want to add, you must really like taking care of children, because that is a big part of your experience. If that is not for you, maybe a work and holiday stay in Australia or New Zealand is a better choice.

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