As it is Christmas soon I thought it would be nice to share some gift ideas. Of course these could also be used for other occasions.

Here are my gift ideas:

  1. A photo album of your time together. I know it is kind of “old school” to print out pictures and make an album but that´s why it´s even cooler. I´m sure they will love it! On the same note, you could also do a collection of your best pictures together, make a collage and stick them in a picture frame. Tadaa you´ve got an awesome gift!
  2. DIY with the children. That can be bath bombs (see my previous article) or self made soap or if you do it just before christmas, you can make buiscuits and wrap them nicely. You could get the kids to draw a collection of pictures and make a little booklet out of it.
  3. Chocolate and candles. Pretty simple, but who doesnt like chocolate or candles?!
  4. A Voucher for a home cooked dinner by you.
  5. A Voucher for a free night of babysitting (if you feel like giving that away).

Those are my easy last minute gift ideas, please share yours in the comments below and check out my new book: “Rock Your Au Pair Year“.

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